Our Impact

Together through our various fundraising events: Cycle for SurvivalSinging for Sloan (spearheaded by Maggie's High School and High School friends), Maggie's Mission GoFundMe page, and Maggie's Mission Two Week Challenge (made successful by the children and staff of the South Huntington School District), we've already raised and donated over $80,000 to Memorial Sloan Kettering. These funds are going directly into funding research at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Dr. Srikanth Reddy Ambati M.D., Maggie's Oncologist from Memorial Sloan Kettering has initiated an exciting research project for promising new treatments for Malignant Rhabdoid Tumors. Maggie's Missions goal is to fully fund this project. Read about the research project by clicking on the button below.

Unfortunately there is no profit motive for Big Pharma to find a cure for such a rare cancer so children are dependent on research grants funded primarily by grassroots fund raising efforts and foundations like Maggie's Mission. Maggie's Mission will continue to seek ways to fund research to find a cure for Malignant Rhabdoid Tumors and other rare childhood cancers. 

Childhood cancer occurs regularly, randomly and spares no ethnic group; socioeconomic class; or geographic region. In the United States, the incidence of cancer among adolescents and young adults is increasing at a greater rate than any other age group, except those over 65 years.

Maggie's Mission Two Week Challenge

We are very proud to announce that this exciting new fundraising event supported by the South Huntington School District and held in September in honor of childhood cancer awareness month raised over $33,000.00 in it's first year!!!!! Many children, parents and teachers are to thank for the success of this Challenge. We are so proud of everyone's efforts and enthusiasm. Next year, we aim to roll out this program to other school districts locally and then eventually, nationally. Maggie's Mission Two Week Challenge was a "fun"draiser that got the children excited about participating and the role they played in raising money for such an important cause. 

Cycle for Survival

Cycle for Survival was started as an avenue to raise money for rare cancers. It is held yearly with events throughout the country. Participants/teams raise money from donors by signing up for four hour cycling/spin events. Their high-energy indoor team cycling events provide a tangible way for you to fight back—100% of all money raised directly funds lifesaving rare cancer research. Join the Battle.

Our team "Your Battle is our Battle" was comprised of a tough, strong group of women and directed by Maggie's Aunt Michelle DeSousa. Our team cycled their butts off to raise just over $13,000.00 which went directly to Dr. Srikanth Reddy Ambati M.D., Maggie's Oncologist to fund research at Memorial Sloan Kettering for Malignant Rhabdoid Tumors. You can read about his research project here.


Singing for Sloan (Memorial Sloan Kettering)

We want to thank Harborfields High School students, staff, and families for putting on the Talent Show "Singing for Sloan" that raised $7095.00. The money raised in Maggie Schmidt's honor is being used to investigate immunotherapy to ultimately try and find a cure for Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor. This new research project is being led by Dr. Srikanth Reddy Ambati M.D., who cared for Maggie, and is funded solely by the fund raising efforts in Maggie's behalf. Thank you to everyone who has helped out. WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU MAGGIE SCHMIDT!


The Maggie Gives Back GoFundMe page

Maggie's family asked that in Lieu of flowers for her memorial services, that money be donated to help start what is now Maggie's Mission - Maggie Gives Back. Maggie's dying wish was for no child to have to go through what she went through. Yes, her dying wish was not for her, it was for other children and their families. Maggie loved children, she loved life and everything it had to offer. She didn't not want any child to have to suffer the way she did. Please do not ignore childhood cancer, it is real, it exists and it devastates families. Please help by supporting Maggie by donating and volunteering for our fundraising efforts. Be brave like Maggie!