Gabby Cava's Sweetest 16!


Gabby Cava is a beautiful, graceful, young Harborfields student who was diagnosed with Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma in 2017.

We have been following Gabby’s journey and getting to know her and her amazing family over the past year and a half. We’ve been able to offer Gabby and her family support through Maggie’s Mission, while also building a close, personal connection with the entire Cava family.

Gabby is also one of Maggie’s Mission’s biggest fans. She follows us on social media and has posted selfies sporting “Maggie Gear” online, complete with the peace sign - a Challenge activity from our Maggie’s Challenge fundraiser. To have Gabby follow us is truly a blessing. Part of why we are here is to offer hope and healing to children, young adults and their families. We’re glad and filled with joy to be able to do that.

Gabby’s cancer is very rare and aggressive. If you would like to learn more about Gabby and follow her journey with cancer, click here:

Gabby’s doctors weren’t sure if Gabby would make it to celebrate her special, milestone birthday. Through her family’s tireless dedication to finding the best doctors and treatment options and Gabby’s own personal strength, Gabby celebrated her 16th birthday on Friday, August 9th.


In lieu of presents, Gabby selflessly asked that donations be made to Maggie’s Mission. Gabby and her parents - Dave and Audra, invited us to attend. We felt grateful and fortunate to be included. It was a spectacular, gorgeous day and evening. Gabby looked radiant and glowing in her lovely pink gown and tiara. It was magical to not only witness but also feel Gabby, her family and ourselves surrounded by people filled with hope, love and kindness.

Friends and family came from far and wide to enjoy this very special young woman’s birthday. About 200 people filled the Cava family’s yard and much fun was had. Guests brought donations and purchased some “Maggie Gear” (Merchandise) too. Well over $6,000 was raised! Amazingly, the donations are still rolling in!

Thank you Gabby for being you! We love you and have a huge respect for your family and for your kind and generous soul.


Gabby’s family left on Sunday for a delayed and much anticipated trip to Rome, Italy, sponsored by Make-A-Wish. Gabby’s dad Dave shared this wonderful update on his Facebook page. We share it here because it illustrates the beauty and grace that is this family.

We’re pretty tired, but it’s been a great start to our trip! Rome is incredible - so much history here that you can’t help but feel very connected to humanity.

But maybe the best part was at dinner. A man was eating behind us by himself and when he finished he came up to us and said “I am from Australia, and I have worked in the hospitality industry for 20 years. Never have I seen so much love at a table. You give me hope.” All we were doing was eating dinner. I didn’t know what to say and still don’t. But to anyone reading this I would say don’t feel too sorry for us. We may be poor with health but we are rich with love... and that is better.
We are blessed.

We wish you and your family the very best on your trip to Italy. Enjoy every minute, your family deserves that and so much more. Prayers for good news on your upcoming scan in Germany. God Bless.