Jack & Ben's Lemonade Stand for Maggie's Mission


Jack & Ben’s lemonade stand raises nearly $1500 for children fighting cancer!

Neighborhood friends and family came together on what was a beautiful summer day to celebrate not only Jack’s birthday, but also their graduation from TJL elementary school in Harborfields.

Maggie’s Mission is grateful for the support of our community and would like to personally thank the Cammarota family for coordinating this event. Your support helps provide money for much needed research to find cures and offer financial assistance to Long Island families affected by childhood cancer.


Above is the Maldonado family, who also happen to be our close neighbors. Ashley is behind the “GO GOLD” sign, Sam is on the left holding his sign backwards, while Henry is on the right holding his “GIVE BACK” sign upside down. Their wonderful Dad, Mark, is in the middle.


Ben laid down some tracks for guests while snacks, lemonade, and official Maggie Gear was sold. There was dancing, games, and more!


Harborfields High School students also made a special appearance.


All in all, it was a great day to celebrate and come together for fundraising and some real “Cammaroterie”! Get it?