#TeamGabby comes home!


Welcome home Gabby, Audra and Dave Cava of #TeamGabby!

You’ve been through quite the tough journey down in Chapel Hill, NC and we are so happy to be able to provide assistance in your safe and hopefully smooth journey home.

For those who may not know, Gabby is 15 and is a local Harborfields High School girl like Maggie. Gabby was diagnosed with metastatic signet ring cell carcinoma in 2018 and has been undergoing chemo and surgery for the aggressive cancer ever since.

Gabby was intended to be our guest of honor at Maggie’s Mission Angelversary Gala in Montauk but Gabby needed more time in NC to recuperate. We were thankful and pleased that some of Gabby’s family members were able to attend the Gala - and by the looks of it, they had a good time! xoxoxo


After a period of 7 weeks, Gabby and her family have finally been able to return home from Gabby’s major HIPEC surgery done by Dr. Hayes Jordan at UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, NC. It was a lifesaving procedure. You can read more about Gabby and her family’s journey with cancer here: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/gabbycavabeatscancer

Maggie’s Mission knows the difficulties of traveling with a sick child and offered to help get Gabby, Audra and Dave back home by coordinating a private jet to a local Long Island airport today - June 11, 2019. Maggie’s uncle paid for their “Rockstar” limo service as they called it to the airport in NC and we paid for the fuel and pilots to get them the rest of the way. The jet itself was generously donated by Pete Ferrandino, a family friend to Maggie’s Mission.


Part of the money Maggie’s Mission raises from our events like the Gala are meant to fund special experiences like this and to make life easier on pediactric cancer patients and their families. Having gone through this ourselves, we know what it is like and have great empathy for those going through it. Thank you all for helping us help others.

Gabby’s mom Audra writes…

The less glamorous side - Gabby doesn’t have to go through security in a wheel chair.

How would we have gotten all these medical supplies and Gabby’s new shower chair, aka plastic lawn chair, home without filling the entire cargo area and extra plane seats if this wasn’t a private jet? Answer: we would have had to spend hours culling and shipping. Thank you Maggie’s Mission!

These are things no one thinks of, but yet doing something like this can really make a difference. We are glad to help.


WELCOME HOME TO GABBY AND THE CAVA FAMILY! Maggie’s Mission is proud to be a part of your journey, your lives and our community - a community of people coming together to help others!