Give back! Join Maggie’s Challenge! 

Would you like to have fun and do good at the same time?

To help children fighting pediatric cancers, we are asking you to GO GOLD and GIVE BACK by joining #MaggiesChallenge. Maggie’s Challenge is comprised of 15 positive, feel good activities intended to fundraise to find cures for pediatric cancers, help families affected, and spread awareness.

How it works.

Tell family and friends that you are taking Maggie’s Challenge.

Complete the have a heart pledge in this packet and return it to your teacher. All participants’ names will be displayed on Maggie’s Tree of Caring at school.

Reach out to family and friends asking them to sponsor you.

Select activities from the Challenge Sheet or get creative and make up your own.

Check off challenges as you complete them.

Click the gold buttons below to download the materials and get started.

Fundraising tips.

Use the Sponsor Form to keep track of donations. Return the form with donations to your teacher after you’ve completed all the Challenges, or…

Set up a fundraiser on Facebook, choose Maggie’s Mission as your charity or non-profit of choice. Locate the fundraising icon in the left hand margin on your facebook page, select Maggie’s Mission, follow a few simple steps and you’re on your way. Be sure to share pictures and stories online as you complete Maggie’s Challenge by using the hashtag #MaggiesChallenge.

Thank you for participating!

Let’s work together to help children and their families! Maggie’s Challenge has already been implemented in many schools and can be tailored to fit any school schedule. Get your leadership clubs involved and get creative! We hope you will join our team! All proceeds raised go towards Maggie’s Mission’s goals of giving back to help others. Together, we can create change. Good luck!

For more information on how to implement Maggie's Challenge in your school, workplace or institution, please email us or complete the form below.

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